How to Travel Cheap Guide: 12 keys to save traveling

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How to travel cheap is something that many people ask. We want to end the excuses that "traveling is expensive" and that "to travel cheap, better not to do it". To see the world, the only necessary thing is true desire to do it, without making excuses! As good travelers we have the need to be constantly consulting destinations and prices for future adventures. With good planning, it is totally possible to achieve the objectives. It does not matter how much you are willing to spend, but the way you have to do it . Before you start reading the tips, if you have decided to go for a trip or vacation, don't forget to check out Travel Discounts . Sign up now. Its Free and Easy and you’ll have Access to great Deals in Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises, and activities anywhere in the Country!


1. Be flexible with the flight and get it out in advance

Generally, the flight is the most expensive part of the trip . In the accommodation you can choose whether to sleep in a hostel or a 4 star hotel, but the journey has a fixed price. But the main advice we have is to try to be flexible, since there can be a lot of difference if you go out one day or the other.

2. Learn about the destination and make budgets

Once we have chosen a few possibilities, be it of destinations or dates, we must make budgets to see the most feasible option. It is essential to be clear about the amount of money we want to spend being realistic . To make the budget, you have to check the price of the accommodation we would like to go to, calculate meal expenses, transportation and a total limit for whims .

It is about forcing us to discover more about the potential destinations to be able to compare them with knowledge of cause . Once this is done, we will surely cross out a destination from the list because when looking for a little more information we realize that it is not the best time for the weather or sleep is very expensive.

3. Prepare for the trip and book the attractions

Now that we are clear about where and when we will go, it is worth investing time in planning the trip . We will know better where we are going, we will enjoy the place more and, in many cases, we will save.

You also have to be more or less clear what attractions you will visit. If you want to travel cheap, you'll have to pay attention to the discount cards of the city, such as the famous CityPass. If your idea is to visit almost all the tourist attractions, it sure comes out on account.

4. Choose the accommodation with reason and advance

Next to the flight, accommodation is usually the most expensive part of the trip. If you want a good key to travel cheap anywhere, save on accommodation! Overall, in most cases you will only be at the hotel to sleep, so it is not worth spending large amounts of money. In addition, today there are many alternatives to hotels such as apartments or Couchsurfing.

5. Take night buses to save hotel nights

As we have said, the accommodation takes much of the budget. A good way to travel cheaply is by unifying the costs of accommodation and travel on night trips . Generally, buses, trains or night flights are usually a bit more expensive, but in most cases it will be economically worth sacrificing a bit the quality of rest. For bus trips around Europe, Flixbus covers a lot of routes for laugh prices.

6. Change the money before going on a trip

It is better to be proactive when changing currencies and to go through the bank a week before . The airport exchange offices will give you a good commission, and if they do not, the exchange rates will be much worse than in a bank. Do not overdo it when it comes to planning expenses , you will always be in time to withdraw money from a cashier once there. It is better to pay a minimal fee than not to return with extra foreign bills.

7. Get an annual travel insurance if you travel frequently

Although you propose to travel cheaply, you should not overlook hiring good travel insurance . During the holidays there may be any unforeseen event that can go very expensive if you go without insurance. For example, four points in a wound in the United States can cost you hundreds of dollars. To save on the policy if you travel frequently, it is best to look at the long term and hire an annual global coverage insurance instead of several cheaper weekly ones.

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